Saturday, August 10, 2002
Hyattsville, MD

First day out.

Today was a trip down to almost Washington DC. After plowing through traffic on the NJ toll road we ended up in the suburbs of the nation's capitol. We are in two vehicles, Matt's tiny Kia and a rented van. So we leapfrogged on the highways and pulled into a neighborhood with a bunch of homes that are pretty close together. This block has lots of single family homes and one punk rock house. Guess where we played.

The venue, the Dirtfarm, is a kinda skuzzy home that has been hosting shows for a while. Last night was a bunch of high school kids coming out to hear the stuff that they listen to; tonight was three bands: us, metal/punk speed dealers All Is Suffering, and unusual experimental stuff from Infidel?/Castro! Our host at the Dirtfarm is Josh, friendly and putting on shows here because he likes it. There's a few other housemates, and there's no clear read on what they think of people like us.

Our set was okay. Amps taking up a third of the basement and still only playing at about half volume. There were about 15 people in the basement when we played, including Jill, Abby, Matt and the two of us. Add the two guys from I?/C!, All is Suffering and their two girlfriends, Josh and two housemates, and you end up with about 3 people. Which, to be honest was fine.

Played the five song set, the first two were good until the equipment started giving us trouble. I broke three strings (going through two guitars) and was totally disoriented by the last song. Let's say it probably showed.

Now we're settling in for the night. Abby and Thad are a little nonplussed that they weren't made as clear on the sleeping situation as the other three of us were. So it's on the floor and old mattresses amongst the punk rock grime that is throughout the house. Matt's out with Josh and a housemate, smoking cigarettes and eating diner food. We've got a short drive tomorrow, giving us plenty of time to figure. out where we are going to sleep.

Oh, this is strange. The Dirtfarm has a big trampoline in the backyard, which we sat on earlier. Right now (1:12AM), there are two young women what are jumping up and down on it in the darkness of the backyard. We have no idea who they are.

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