4SQUARE: No Job, Few Prospects

Dear AP,

I need a job, but I live in a one horse town.

(Name withheld, but did write from the domain "")

Thad -

Unemployment is one means that running dog capitalist lackeys use to control the population. Surplus labor is used by this cabal of industrialists to keep wages low, unions off balance, and gain more and more concessions from employees' fringe benefits. Therefore, we at the Austerity Program support nothing short of a violent overthrow of the current economic system. Upon establishment of the United Workers States of America, you will have a job for life. You may not like the job, but you will at least have one.

Justin -

Thank you for writing.

A good friend of mine recently moved out of Honeytown, IN, population - 12. Despite the fact that he was way out in the sticks, he told us that there had been a recent spate of arrests in ol' Honeytown, resulting in the breakup of three meth labs. Now neither my friend nor his roommate were into the sticky stuff, so it was up to the other 10 people in town to run these things. It was not the wonders of free markets that shut these enterprising businesses down; it was excessive government regulation, pure and simple.

If you can use Honeytown as any example, ask yourself: does my town have a meth lab for every four citizens? If not, there's definitely an opportunity there for you.

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