4SQUARE: Troubled Socialist

Dear AP :

As a socialist in America, I'm concerned with the continuing casualties connected with our prosecution of the war in Iraq, disproportionately exacted from my working class brothers and sisters. Given the Democratic Party's historic role of diverting our revolutionary sentiments, do you think it likely that we will, before the November, 2004 elections, become conscious of our bourgeois oppression, reject its populist posturing, and elect a representative of the American people as President?


Born in the USA


Dear BITU -

Many people who are on the fringes of American society have lamented the plodding tempo of change in this country. If only the political system were set-up in such a way as to give power to a third (or fourth or even fifth) party, as is wont in Parliamentarian governments, more opinions would be heard. Of course, for every BITU out there, lamenting our nation's rape of the working man, there are probably two anti-BITU's who want to shoot the "jack-booted thugs" in the ATF who are coming to take away their stockpile of surface-to-air missiles that they believe are protected under the Second Amendment. All in all, therefore, the fringes do wash each other out and American politics happens in the middle. In doing so, America has built a system in which, for example, workers have little job protection (unless, ironically, you are a Marxist tenured professor at any American university), but there are unemployment benefits, worker's compensation insurance, Social Security, and various other social welfare programs designed to protect individuals from suffering abject poverty.

So the question of whether Americans will become aware of "bourgeois oppression, reject its populist posturing, and elect a representative of the American people as President" is a tough one. I intrinsically say, no, we will not. But I am willing to wager that a smart boy like yourself who has had insight into truth much greater than the rest of us dolts can quickly enlighten us and get us to elect someone to President; most people will jump at the chance to stand in bread lines like in the formerly socialist USSR; most people will be delighted to live in environmentally degraded locations like in the formerly socialist East Germany; most folks dream of the day when they own no property - not even their home - and depend on some faceless bureaucrat to decide their fate in life, unless you happen to be a bigwig in the Communist party like in socialist China; and obese Americans will delight at the chance for weight loss through manufactured famines as is often the case in socialist North Korea.

So I would recommend you get cracking. The elections are only six months away. People need to be awakened from their slumber. I am only thankful that the vanguard is here to rescue us from ourselves.

Sincerely yours -

Thad of The Program of the People (nee The Austerity Program)

Justin -

Dear BITU,

Thank you so much for your note.

Thad's response is a long one, so if you are running low on blood sugar I'll give you the cliff notes:

Thad's advice:

1. Your opinion is irrelevant.

2. But even if it wasn't irrelevant, it's wrong.

From my side of the back nine I'll give you this advice, and it gives you clear and specific direction-

Vote for Thad.

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