Done. DONE!

Boy oh boy oh boy. We are finished building this thing and that is a fine, fine thing, friend. It's always good to make lists of things that you learned, so here's a few things that we learned building this thing:

A few things we learned building this studio.

1. A rolling scaffolding is worth whatever you have to pay for it.

2. You will work more than twice as fast with two people.

3. It's alawys best to work from a plan. We didn't have a plan, but then again we were way too inexperienced starting out to know how to make a plan that would have been even sorta on target, so what are you going to do? Wait, that's not really learning anything.

4. We owe a lot to our friends.

5. A well installed wood floor will go a long way towards masking the flaws on the other surfaces of a room.

And so on. Since we're done, we'll try to update the rest of the studio section of the site with how things actually turned out, rather than just speculation. But you'll have to forgive us if we're a bit tardy in the full update; we're too busy giggling like idiots at the fact that we have this great room that we can use to practice or record or whatever.

Musical accompaniment:

Tides - Resurface
Baroness - Second
Logh - A Sunset Panorama
Marga Man - Whatever we can find. He is INSANE.

Facing north. Amplifiers set up and ready to play. Isn't that pretty? We think it's pretty.

Facing south. The start of the recording area. No fancy equipment racks with overpriced preamps. Yet.


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